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100% recycled bottles used to create drinkware, candleholders, and vases.

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Have you ever looked in your recycle bin and felt guilty about all the empty wine bottles?  I did, so I married that guilt with the need for new everyday glasses in my kitchen and that's how BottleBottoms began.  From there, it's been a serendipitous trip to discovering different cutting, grinding, and polishing tools.  I've learned from my husband, my brothers, rock hounds, antique dealers, and glass workers to modify my way of making these glasses. 


Practice, practice, practice = lots, lots, lots of wine bottles.  Although I enjoy consuming wine to fulfill the demand, I needed to find sources other than my cellar.  Fortunately, California is full of wine making regions, including the Livermore Valley.  These wineries have both refined and boisterous tasting rooms where many bottles of fine wine are sampled.  One result of these facilities is a nice collection of empty bottles.   Many of the Livermore wineries have been open to  allowing me to recycle their bottles.  I also happen to have a "vino-philic" group of friends who happily drop empties on my doorstep.

BottleBottoms is a small business that focuses on high quality workmanship and high customer satisfaction. We like nothing better than repeat customers. So browse around the site to learn more or purchase your own BottleBottom on Etsy or directly through us.

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  If you live in the N. California Bay Area and have empty Monavie boxes or other insulated boxes used for shipping bottles, please contact us for recycling opportunities.  
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