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100% recycled bottles used to create drinkware, candleholders, and vases.

BottleBottoms collection of glasses
How BottleBottoms are made...

These are high quality, environmentally soundly made products using only recycled bottles, low power tools, no harsh chemicals.

BottleBottoms focuses on low volume, high quality workmanship - it's what differentiates us from our competition. The edges of a BottleBottom are spectacular - it's not a surprise, since they undergo at least 7 different polishing methods to get to their end state..

  You might expect the edges to look like this:   Instead, BottleBottoms are this (photo is untouched other than to resize it):  
  Rough edge   Smooth edge of a BottleBottom  

Each recycled bottle used by BottleBottoms is evaluated to match it best for the intended use based on bottle shape and size.  Since most BottleBottoms are made from wine bottles, here is more information about the different types of wine bottles

After bottles are selected, the glass is cut and ground down to a flat plane surface. From there, it's all about attention to detail and polishing.

Once glasses have completed the 7-11 steps necessary for the quality that BottleBottoms ensures, the glasses are sterilized and must pass a final quality check before being packed up into recycled packing materials and shipped to their new home.

Because BottleBottoms tries to minimize waste, if a product runs a vertical crack during the processing, that bottle is often cut a second time to a shorter height.

Sets of glasses often come from the same winery, brewery or maker to ensure best matches.  Since many wineries use the same bottles, sometimes BottleBottom sets are hand matched from different wineries according to size and color.  Some of the most beautiful sets made have been different colors but similar heights.

  Set of collins glasses in different colors  

Products can also be made custom from your bottles to your specifications. Contact us for more information.

   Next time you drink a bottle of wine, imagine how wonderful it would be to drink from a glass made from recycled bottles.  They also make great wedding gifts, birthday presents or housewarming gifts.


Historically, in Europe, different countries and regions developed their own style bottles which helped to designate where the bottles came from.  European wineries still hold relatively true to the standards while Californian wineries may be traditional or very liberal in their selection of bottle shapes.  It is also interesting to note that the standard 750ml size was not formalized until 1979 by the US with other countries quickly following in order to be able to easily export.

Bottle shape - bordeaux


Used for Bordeaux wines: for reds, that includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and most Meritage blends.  For whites, Bordeaux wines are Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion.

Green, brown, amber or uncolored/clear

Used for iced tea, highball and collins glasses

Bottle shape - burgundy


Used primarily for Chardonnay or Pinots, the key wines from the Burgundy region of France.  Also adopted by Loire Valley.

Note: Rhone bottle is extremely similar although somewhat thinner than Burgundy.

Brown, green or amber/yellow-green

Used for collins glasses

Bottle shape - sledge Sledge

Generally used for rose wines


Used for highball and collins glasses

Bottle shape - Alsace

Alsatian flute, Mosel, or Hoch (brown) bottle

Generally used for wines from Alsace, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (e.g Rieslings, Gewurztraminer)

Green, brown, sometimes amber.  Tall and thin

Used for iced tea, highball and collins glasses

Also used are Champagne bottles - exclusively dark kelley green bottles with very thick walls.



Bottle sizes

Note: these are naming conventions for Bordeaux bottles.  For other wine bottle types, naming conventions and sizes may vary.

Large format bottles make wonderful vases and candleholders.

  Regular bottle   750 ml Salmanazar   12 bottles, 9 liters  
  Magnum   2 bottles, 1.5 liters Balthazar   16 bottles, 12 liters  
  Double-Magnum   4 bottles, 3 liters Nebuchadnezzar   20 bottles, 15 liters  
  Jeroboam*   6 bottles, 4.5 liters Melchior   24 bottles, 18 liters  
  Impériale /Methuselah   8 bottles, 6 liters        

* Jeroboam for Champagne is 4 bottles/3 liters

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